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OK Archery prides itself on building quality bows that perform.

Other manufacturers add gimmicks and gadgets to convince you that this year's model will make you shoot better.

Many seasoned archers are switching to OK Archery because our bows are easy to tune, comfortable to shoot and are engineered to perform without needing your own personal bow technician.

Wednesday, 2017.26.04.

BA Legend Archery, Inc.

OK Archery ABSOLUTE 38
OK Archery ABSOLUTE 38
OK Archery ABSOLUTE 40
OK Archery ABSOLUTE 42
OK Archery ABSOLUTE 44
Ok Archery SMOKE

would like to welcome you to OK Archery's 2017 line of compound bows with German engineering at its core. State of the art machining and anodizing processes are implemented and unmatched by any in the industry today!

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New for 2017 - the ABSOLUTE 35

A tribute to all hunters and not so tall shooters - and all of you who love a short ATA bow. We have expanded our ABSOLUTE Series to include a nice shorty. Introducing the new ABSOLUTE 35 with a new limb-block for a wide range of poundage and a new low weight mount for a plus of stability.

OK Archery prides itself in taking no shortcuts in production. Each and every technology is tested and proven within its line of bows with some of today's best archers proving the technology in competition or in the woods.

Many of today's archery manufacturers have tried addressing the age old problem of cam lean, horizontal nock travel, as well as cable wearing slides by using band aids to patch these problems. Many use flexing or contorted cable guards.

OK Archery's solution is the Cable Shoot Through System which eliminates all cam lean, torque, and cable wear. Spend more time enjoying shooting archery and less time tuning your bow.


Introduction of the ABSOLUTE 40

Success at Texas State Indoor

New record by Annalesha Green

New record by Annalesha Green

Took top honors shooting her Absolute-38 at the Kansas State Tournament her total for the two days of shooting was 600 with 106 X's this is the new state record for AFFS Additionally she also still hold the record in AFBHFS..

Thank you to my sponsors OK Archery, BA Legend, Bullseye Achery Shop in SD., Hot Shot Manufacturing, Victory Arrows, VaneTec, Podium Custom Bowstrings.

NFAA National Target Outdoors

Success at the NFAA Nationals

Success at the NFAA Outdoor Nationals

OK Archery Staff Shooters take Championship Bowls home at the NFAA Outdoor Target Nationals 2014!

From left to right:
1st Pro Senior men's, Marty Kraft,
1st Young Adult, Cole Feterl
and 1st Pro men's, Jeremy Terhune.

All three shooting the ABSOLUTE 38.

Target & Hunting Success

Target Success:
Congratulations to Tim Wilson shooting a DST40 takes 1st place finish in the MAA/NFAA Minnesota State Field Championship. (Picture 1)

Hunting Success:
Kirk Leflur Smokes two Gobblers and a Boar Hog with his Smoke. (Pictures 2-4)

Tim Wilson shooting a DST40 takes 1st place finish in the MAA/NFAA Minnesota State Field Championships
Kirk Leflur with Boar Hog
Kirk Leflur with Gobler
Kirk Leflur with Gobler

Jeff Sena Bronze & Silver

Jeff Sena wins Bronze and Silver

US Para Team

Jeff Sena in the Czech Republic shooting the  world ranking event: "Yesterday was a good day individuals I made all the way to meet up with matt stutzman to see who goes to the gold medal match. And he shot a 146 and I shot a 144 so I shoot in the bronze medal match. USA Para Olympic team well today we shot the men's team compound team round with Matt and Eric and myself. And we set a new para world record of 232 out of 240. In thee men's  team compound and won the silver medal as we lost by 1 pt Slovakia. Today I shot the men's individual bronze medal match and won it. So the trip here to the Czech Republic I came home with 2 medals in international competition."

OK Archery Rocks!

OK Archery Rocks!

OK Female Archers are on fire..

Congrats to OK Archery team member Resa Combs. Southern States Sectional AFFS Day one: 300 52-X, day 2: 300 58-x, total 600 110-x with 12 inside outs. Fantastic Shooting!! Waiting for official results for new record.

Also Stacy Grover over weekend shot the “Rocky Mountain Archery Assn.” NFAA 300 championship in Denver CO. Stacy won the AFFS division with a 600 and 96 X’s. This was the highest women’s score for the weekend.

Resa Combs wins Southern States Sectionals
Stacy Grover wins at NFAA 300 championship in Denver CO

Summing up...


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